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Mubesko Africa’s MD Nico de Kock feels that the stellar performances of some municipalities can provide lessons to non-performing performing municipalities, while also showing communities that they shouldn’t settle for anything less than promised service delivery.

Nico, who has consulted to many of South Africa’s top-performing municipalities, lists some of the traits of successful per forming municipalities.

  • Commitment: Mentoring and people development is a priority, encouraging ongoing learning and growth.
  • Empowered: Never see Acts and Regulations as inhibitors but rather, well-considered governance to ensure ser vice delivery.
  • Apolitical: While the mayor is a political appointment, the municipal executive and management focus on delivering ser vices to their communities.
  • Decisive: Decisions are well-considered and compliant, but once a solution is agreed, it is activated and delivered.
  • Leadership: The mayor and executive team lead by example, whether that involves compliance, delivery, or desired behaviour.
  • Insight: A clear understanding of what at tracts or repels investors and funders.
  • Humility: The sense that they are just doing their jobs to the ver y best of their ability, with an understanding that they have but one purpose – service delivery!

“The high-performing municipalities should serve as an inspiration to South Africans. We tend to pigeon-hole municipal officials in a negative way – and many certainly earn that dubious distinction – but there are municipalities who are doing exceptional work, and we can be proud of them”.

Nico de Kock
Managing Director
Mubesko Africa
+27 82 905 5399


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