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While the different divisions of large accounting practices can tend to create knowledge silos, the closeness of Mubesko Africa’s three arms – Financial Management and Accounting, Asset Accounting and Forensic Accounting – leads to clients enjoying deeper and wider insights.

Mubesko Africa

MD Nico de Kock explains:
“Mubesko Africa is passionate about its clients and our main goal is to assist with the establishment of sustainable entities. Since we offer such a wide range of services that are not just limited to the accounting domain we are in a position to add organisational wide value.

One of the main reasons why we can offer deeper insights to clients is simply because we talk to each other. This means that irrespective of what area of the business our experts are in – financial, assets or forensics – we’re continuously adding broader understanding and perspectives by feeding off and into each other’s specialist skills and everyday experiences. For example, if we are assisting an entity with the development of standard operating procedures or preparing for an audit, the shared experiences from our Forensic and Asset experts just makes us that much sharper and our clients ultimately benefit.”

Mubesko Africa’s initial focus on the public sector established the company but it has since successfully evolved into the private sector.

“Most of our executives and management held senior positions in some of South Africa’s top accounting and engineering practices before joining Mubesko Africa. We have multi-sector industry experience and our ‘shared experience’ approach provides our clients with both technical and practical support”

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