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Mubesko Africa’s Asset Accounting and Modeling team enables clients to create and maintain an updated register which provides the client with decision-making insights about the management of the company’s assets.

An important aspect of Asset Accounting is Asset Modeling which provides multi-dimensional inputs on assets, including:

Asset characteristics: Looking at configuration, size, type, ratings and standards, one gets a sense of failure parameters and can plan accordingly.

Condition data: Through various means of condition monitoring, the company can predict the life stage of the asset in terms of useful utilisation.

Operational and environmental data: This type of data serves to reduce or extend the lives of assets. Operational data addresses how the asset is being used and what the impact of usage on performance is. Environmental data predicts the impact of factors outside of the asset itself such as corrosion.

Business risk and cost data: Risk and cost are factored into the model to monetise risk, maximise value and overall make sensible business decisions about assets.

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