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Nico joined a Weskus Distrik Municipality delegation which spent quality time with leading local government bodies, each with the skill and passion needed to make a positive difference to South Africa’s future.

“Weskus Distrik has an outstanding track record of governance and service delivery, and recently achieved their 13th consecutive clean audit. Being on top of their game, one could ask why they reached out to learn more? The answer is that they refuse to rest on their laurels and want to lift their game to the next level. Parallel to this, Weskus Distrik wants to play a role in encouraging and assisting other municipalities”.

The Weskus Distrik delegation met with SALGA (South African Local Government Association), CIGFARO (Chartered Institute of Government Finance Audit and Risk Officers), and DBSA (Development Bank of Southern Africa).

“The public only sees negative publicity around local government but if one looks behind the scenes, one finds exceptional skill, expertise, and commitment. If there’s a will to perform, local government must engage with people who can help them and enter an age of collaboration with other municipalities and expert government bodies”.

The Weskus Distrik team also spent quality time with Tshwane Municipality.

Tshwane has well-publicised challenges but having met with their new top executive team, including the City Manager, we have no doubt that given some time, they will turn the ship around.

“What really impressed me was that all our meetings concluded with action plans. There were no conversations about conversations because the time for talking is long gone. It’s time for good people to get together and take decisive action. It’s time for heroes to emerge”.

As Weskus Distriks’s Executive Mayor, Alderman RW “Boffie” Strydom, exhorts: “Laat Waai.”


Nico de Kock
MD Mubesko Africa

Mubesko Africa has a proud track record in the public and private sectors, with core services being financial and management consulting, asset accounting and modelling, and forensic examination.