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Whether its fraud or theft involving intellectual property, inventory, cybercrime, or corruption, you need answers quickly as apart from financial loss, reputational risk is real and staff morale takes a knock.

It is important to get to the truth very quickly as allegations, finger pointing, emotions and knee-jerk reactions often rule as these occurrences are unexpected and you can get caught off-guard.

Mubesko Africa gets to the pertinent facts quickly, and extracts and interprets relevant data to find the objective truth and prevent further contamination, be that to staff morale or further erosion of your bottom line.

Once the crisis is managed, it makes sense to ask a forensic examiner to audit your processes because if one gap was breached, the chances are good that there’s more holes waiting to be exploited.


Mubesko Africa has a proud track record in the public and private sectors, with core services being financial and management consulting, asset accounting and modelling, and forensic investigation. Mubesko Africa’s Smartryk Calitz, head of our Forensic Examinations team, was honoured as South Africa’s Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year 2023 by the ACFESA’s (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, South African Chapter).