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MUBESKO AFRICA is proud to announce that Smartryk Calitz, head of our Forensic Examinations team, was honoured as South Africa’s Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year by the ACFESA’s (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, South African Chapter).

Qualification criteria included:

  • Introducing innovative anti-fraud tools, controls, techniques, or methodologies in his or her organisation.
  • Contributing to the ACFESA by par ticipating at Board or Regional level.
  • Making publications or presentations of topical subjects, locally or abroad.
  • Playing a role in significant fraud investigations, including the design and installation of anti-fraud controls.
  • Making an impact in anti-fraud training and education and overall, contributing positively to the fraud examination discipline.

We are proud of Smartryk’s achievement and his role in preventing and examining fraud in South Africa.

Contact Smartryk to help your organisation to implement controls to prevent fraud and, should you be affected by fraud, to conduct a thorough and professional examination.