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It wasn’t a golf day. Not a wild or sedate dinner or luncheon (although the food was delish) either. It wasn’t even a day. It was two days.

I got an invite to Mubesko‚Äôs year-end function. Two days made me jittery as I struggle to sit still for two minutes. But year-end deadlines were under control and time away from my PC seemed like a tonic. I’m glad I went.

Psychologist Corlia Erwee addressed a spellbound audience on the Attachment Theory which uncovers emotional ties built from a young age and deals with the implications for later individual development.

Prior to the engagement we were each asked to complete an anonymous online survey to indicate an attachment style or combination of styles. Being somewhat complex, mine spat out ‘No Comment’. Only kidding! My PC bombed and I didn’t have time for a kyk weer.

It was a deep, insightful, and valuable two days. Most of the audience quietly delved into their formative years, asked many questions, and figured what it was that held them back, why they avoided certain spaces, and how their past impacted on their personal and professional relationships among others.

It struck me that it can play a role in realising people’s potential in the workplace or improve performance. All the skills and desire in the world but what’s holding you back?

It was great to reflect and enter 2024 with a new understanding of self and as importantly, those closest to you. Thanks to Nico de Kock and the Mubesko Africa team for breaking the mould and providing something meaningful and special, and for Corlia’s profound insights.


Gary Hendrickse
CEO Sherpa